SkinPen microneedling is a popular cosmetic treatment for improving the skin by reducing blemishes, wrinkles, and other aging signs. This minimally invasive procedure enhances the skin by inducing the healthy production of an essential protein. Hair loss treatments in Ridgecrest use SkinPen microneedling to revitalize areas of skin with hair thinning or loss.

Surgical hair loss procedures may provide dramatic results, but SkinPen for hair loss avoids serious risks, side effects, and extended recovery time afterward. In addition, the nonsurgical procedure allows you to combine SkinPen microneedling with other non-invasive treatments for the best possible results. Schedule a consultation to assess your progression and whether microneedling could be beneficial.

How Does Microneedling Work as a Hair Loss Treatment?

During a microneedling treatment, a handheld device containing multiple tiny needles moves across your skin to create micro-injuries. In response, your body’s healing process kickstarts to produce new, healthy skin cells to replace damaged ones. The process also stimulates the production of collagen, the protein responsible for maintaining the skin’s support and structure.

In Ridgecrest, hair thinning treatments using microneedling target the scalp to incite the production of new follicle cells and repair damaged ones. Therefore, by improving follicle and skin health, patients could see new hair growth in areas enhanced with SkinPen microneedling. The procedure could also replenish existing, thinning hair to become thicker.

SkinPen microneedling could make additional non-invasive hair loss treatments more effective. For instance, micro-injuries allow deeper dermal layers to absorb topical ointments and steroids more efficiently and produce more substantial results.

SkinPen Procedure in Ridgecrest for Hair Loss

Procedures for thinning hair with SkinPen microneedling in Ridgecrest are quick, non-invasive procedures typically lasting around one hour.

During the Procedure

First, a topical anesthetic goes onto treatment areas about 45 minutes beforehand to reduce potential discomfort. Next, a qualified professional moves the SkinPen microneedling device along the targeted scalp areas creating micro-injuries with small needles. Typically, the microneedling portion of the procedure takes about ten minutes to perform and is followed by a soothing topical balm to prevent skin irritation.

After the Procedure

After your session, you may have mild skin redness, bruising, discomfort, and skin swelling for up to five days. During this time, it is essential to avoid sun exposure and take the proper steps for skincare to prevent side effects from worsening or improper healing.

Since microneedling for hair loss is minimally invasive, you may need several treatments for their ideal amount of hair growth. Individuals with thinning hair typically need at least four treatments, while patients with significant hair loss may require six to 12 sessions.

Consider Hair Loss Treatments with SkinPen in Ridgecrest

Hair loss treatments in Ridgecrest offer a minimally invasive, effective option for restoring your confidence with SkinPen microneedling. Though several sessions are typically necessary for your ideal results, the procedure stimulates the natural growth of healthy hair follicles and collagen for long-lasting enhancements. Since SkinPen microneedling uses thin needles, the treatment does not require incisions, leaving you with no scars or recovery time.

In some cases, microneedling treatments pose a higher risk of hyperpigmentation for individuals with darker complexions. However, SkinPen microneedling is safe for all skin types, tones, and textures without causing unnecessary damage to the skin resulting in hyperpigmentation. Call our office today for a SkinPen consultation to hear more about how microneedling could be the best procedure for you.