Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the best ways to live a long, healthy life. At Reen Medical Group,  Dr. Reen applies his unique medical background and training to guide patients in safe and effective weight management. Medical weight management is not fad diets or surgery. Medical weight loss management is based on the latest in medical scientific evidence that targets the root causes of weight gain and obesity. Dr. Reen and his staff provide the guidance and treatment needed for her patients to meet their weight loss goals and maintain those goals for life. Whether the goal is to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, medical weight loss in Ridgecrest enables our patients to achieve their goals as quickly and as safely as possible. To learn more about a curated weight loss plan for you, schedule your appointment today.

What do Medical Weight Loss Treatment Plans Include?

Managing your weight and improving your health with a medical weight loss program in Ridgecrest is the best choice if you struggle to remain healthy on your own. Our comprehensive medical weight loss treatment plan includes managing and improving a patient’s physical fitness, diet, and lifestyle habits. Patients undergoing the program are overseen and guided by a medical professional specializing in weight loss to help them lose excess body fat more effectively.

The best approach for a medical weight loss program is one that is tailored to your particular weight loss goals, physical characteristics, and body composition for more successful results. Thus, the treatment plan typically includes metabolic testing to monitor your physiological changes and progress during the program. A prominent obstacle for many individuals who fail to lose weight is a lack of proper nutrition in their diet, so weight loss guidance provides critical information to improve nutrition.

Throughout the program, patients are supported by professionals to make healthy changes to their diet and exercise habits that quicken weight loss. Typically, medical weight loss patients lose an average of four to six pounds per month during the program, but the exact number varies between individuals.

Health and Emotional Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Treatments

Patients undergoing a medical weight loss program in Ridgecrest experience several emotional and physical benefits, most notably a more remarkable decrease in body fat and weight. As a result of a slimmer figure and engaging in more exercise, patients sometimes experience boosted muscle strength and definition once completing the program.

In addition to the multitude of health benefits that medical weight loss programs offer, patients often enjoy considerable emotional and psychological benefits as well. For instance, after losing a notable amount of weight with the program, individuals report improved confidence and self image. Due to these emotional well-being improvements, they can go on to have more fulfilling friendships and an improved quality of life.

Finally, medical weight loss programs are more successful at helping individuals change their unhealthy diet and lifestyle habits than traditional weight loss methods. Patients remain healthier on their own after completing the program due to improved habits, compared to those who did not receive professional help and tried to make the change on their own.

Call for a Consultation Regarding Medical Weight Loss in Ridgecrest

Shedding excess body fat and achieving a lower overall weight with diet and exercise may be possible for some people, but most struggle with making the correct nutrition and exercise decisions without professional help. If you are struggling to lose weight on your own and are becoming increasingly discouraged and less confident in your appearance, consider a medical weight loss program in Ridgecrest.

Due to the professional support and insight offered by trained, licensed professionals, medical weight loss patients typically lose a considerable amount of weight after fully engaging the program. Instead of feeling discouraged or frustrated in your lack of results when trying to improve your health independently, consider doing so with the professional guidance from the Reen Medical Group. Contact us to get started.