Improving and maintaining muscle tone through exercising takes a considerable amount of effort and time for most people. Further, due to your unique health factors, genetics, and lifestyle habits, exercise may not visibly enhance your muscle definition. Muscle toning in Ridgecrest is a non-invasive treatment using Evolve Tone that strengthens and tones common problem areas.

Evolve Tone mimics the effects of exercise in less time than it takes to exercise, and with less risk than a surgical procedure. Since the treatment could target several body areas simultaneously, Evolve Tone procedures are customizable to your specific needs. Schedule a consultation for more details on how non-invasive muscle toning could enhance your body contours.

How Evolve Tone Works for Non-Invasive Muscle Enhancement

In Ridgecrest, toning treatments utilize Evolve Tone, which non-invasively stimulates involuntary muscle contractions that occur during exercise. The procedure combines electromagnetic energy to provoke contractions along with thermal and radiofrequency energy. The energy sources heat the superficial and deep layers of skin and fat, causing supplementary contractions and increasing collagen production.

Since the procedure is non-invasive, you may need several sessions for your ideal results. Typically, you will require three to eight Evolve Tone treatments, but the number varies based on an individual’s natural muscle, fat, and skin composition. After a muscle toning session, you may immediately return to your daily routine with only mild side effects for a few hours.

Benefits of Defining Muscle with Evolve Tone in Ridgecrest

The primary purpose of these procedures is to enhance muscle tone and definition through contractions. An additional benefit of Evolve Tone is improving muscle strength. The effects of this procedure targeted on the abdomen is similar to the effects of 280,000 crunches in 30 minutes. In addition, the procedure could enhance other prevalent body areas of concern, including your arms, legs, thighs, hips, and buttocks.

Evolve Tone goes beyond muscle toning and strengthening by including skin enhancements, such as increasing collagen production for naturally firmer skin. This procedure could reduce skin dimpling by breaking down tightened collagen fibers for people with significant cellulite on the thighs and legs.

Non-invasive toning poses few side risks and side effects, as there are no incisions that might cause skin damage. After a session, you may have mild skin redness and muscle soreness that fades within a few hours.

Get in Touch for a Muscle Toning Consultation in Ridgecrest

Muscle toning in Ridgecrest with Evolve Tone could give you the results of an intense workout in a quicker amount of time. Since you could treat more than one body area at once, you could see improved muscle tone, definition, and strength in record time without invasive surgery.

In addition, the skin adheres to newly enhanced body contours better than other treatments by kickstarting collagen production and improving skin laxity. Although you may need several treatment sessions to see your ideal results, they could be long-lasting by living a healthy lifestyle. Contact our office for a consultation to discuss non-invasive muscle toning in-depth and whether it is right for you.