IV Therapy treatments can help boost your immune system, especially if you’re run down, stressed out, or generally feel exhausted and in need of a pick-me-up. Many patients have found it highly effective in reducing a variety of troubling symptoms including fatigue, headaches, muscle, pain brain fog, fibromyalgia, and much more. IV Therapy involves the insertion of a small cannula into a vein in your arm. The treatment is painless and remarkably effective. Nutrients are delivered into your bloodstream via a drip, bypassing your digestive system and drastically improving the absorption rate of the vitamin, minerals, of specialized treatments you are receiving. This innovative treatment also improves skin quality, texture, and color, giving you healthy youthful-looking skin.

We can provide a selection of long and short intravenous infusions as nutritional support with a variety of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients. Your particular protocol will be determined by your individual health needs and created by Dr. Amik Reen.

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What Vitamins, Fluids, and Nutrients Could be Included in IV Therapy?

Although IV therapy treatments in Ridgecrest are customizable to your unique medical needs, routine substances to include are minerals, vitamins, saline, and medications. An IV bag primarily consists of saline solution, which is water and sodium chloride, to hydrate the body and deliver specific nutrients to the bloodstream. The bag may include lactated ringer’s solution as another method of combatting dehydration and providing nutrients to the body.

Common nutrients during IV therapy also include Vitamin B, specifically B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B-9, and B-12, which are essential for nerve function and metabolism. In addition, many treatments include calcium and magnesium to strengthen bones and support healthy metabolic functioning further. Lastly, antioxidants can include Vitamin A, C, E, and glutathione to help protect your cells from various diseases.

In some cases, the bag includes antibiotics if therapy is necessary for treating medical illnesses or infections.

Frequent Reasons for Undergoing Ridgecrest IV Therapy

Primarily, Ridgecrest IV therapy treatments are for supporting your immune system and improving your general health.

Treating Illnesses

However, you could seek out treatment for specific reasons, such as treating a cold or the flu, which typically dehydrates and depletes your body of nutrients. In addition, many people get IV therapy to alleviate headaches and chronic migraines caused by inflammation and may include antinausea medication if necessary.

Minimizing Adverse Pregnancy Symptoms

Another frequent reason for this therapy is minimizing adverse pregnancy symptoms, specifically morning sickness, which could lead to severe hydration and nausea. Similarly, the treatment could be for alethic performance recovery to combat muscle fatigue and dehydration and restore vitamin and amino acid levels.

Hangover Relief

Lastly, a popular reason for IV therapy is hangover relief, which typically includes dehydration, headache, and an upset digestive system. Further, IV therapy could include nausea and heartburn medication for hangover relief while restoring vitamin and antioxidant levels.

How Often Could You Get IV Therapy?

Since IV therapy is noninvasive and provides several health benefits, you could undergo the treatment frequently to treat certain medical conditions or maintain stable nutrient levels. However, each treatment plan is dependent on your health concerns and conditions, so the frequency of appointments varies for patients.

At the start of IV therapy treatment in Ridgecrest, you will typically have weekly treatments for three to four weeks to restore hydration, vitamin, and nutrient levels. Afterward, sessions may be spaced two to three weeks apart the effects wear off after this time. For people with no underlying conditions who want to boost their health and immune systems, IV therapy treatments every two to three weeks from the start are suitable.

If IV therapy is part of a treatment plan for more serious medical concerns, such as cancer, weekly treatments are typically suggested. However, it would be best to undergo a health assessment before therapy to determine if you are a suitable candidate and identify your specific medical needs to be addressed with treatment.

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