The options for reducing body and facial hair vary from traditional shaving, waxing, and over-the-counter products. However with these traditional treatments, results are typically short-lived for many individuals. Further, these choices take substantial time, money, and effort for satisfactory results but routinely have minor adverse side effects.

Instead, if you want more thorough and longer-lasting body hair reductions without side effects and recovery time, choose laser hair removal in Tehachapi. You will typically have notable reductions in growth after six to 10 treatments. Further, advanced technology has reduced the additional risk of hyperpigmentation after treatment for patients with darker skin tones.

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How Does Laser Hair Removal Eliminate Unwanted Body Hair?

Laser hair removal works by damaging follicle cells with targeted laser energy drawn to the pigmentation within the hair. Once the melanin absorbs the energy, it transforms into heat, damaging the follicles and leaving them unable to produce new growth. However, most patients need several treatments for sufficient hair growth reductions, typically ranging between six and ten sessions.

The type of laser may vary between procedures depending on your skin tone. For instance, longer wavelengths are able to bypass the pigment in superficial layers to target pigmentation within follicle cells deeper in the skin. Therefore, longer wavelengths reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation developing after laser hair procedures in Tehachapi for darker skin tones.

Tehachapi Laser Hair Removal Versus Shaving

Some of the frequent reasons patients consider laser hair removal instead of traditional options are the longer-lasting results and minimal side effects. For example, a common concern with shaving, waxing, and other products is skin irritation resulting in discomfort and visible scarring. Though you may have skin irritation and redness for a few hours after Tehachapi laser hair treatment, the side effects are typically mild.

In addition to reducing hair more effectively, this hair removal reduces the amount of time and money spent on shaving, waxing, and other methods that require frequent maintenance. However, laser hair procedures may not entirely eliminate growth for individuals with a faster growth rate. Instead, laser removal substantially slows new growth for several years afterward most patients.

Call Now about Laser Hair Removal in Tehachapi for Long Term Results

Despite shaving being the most common choice for removing body hair, many consider it a time-consuming task that produces adverse side effects for short-lived results. Alternatively, you could enjoy significant hair reductions and slowed growth without persistent side effects through laser hair removal in Tehachapi.

Since these sessions typically take less than one hour depending on the size of treatment areas, it is a much quicker removal method overall than most. Consider working with our technicians if you are interested in visible, longer-lasting facial and body hair reductions and want to discuss treatment options. Call now to learn more about your cosmetic options.